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Re-imagine your cloud journey

Re-imagine your cloud journey

What we do

We provide Multi-Cloud Consultancy services to businesses by strategically assisting to achieve seamless expansion and growth to meet their business objectives.

Cloud Upscaling

Our upscaling services facilitate a seamless cloud adoption journey, assessing and optimizing your infrastructure and processes.

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Cloud Transformation

Our transformation services are all about building – new capabilities, new innovation, and new technology.

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Cloud Management

Our management service category focuses on helping you run production environments, and optimize and secure them

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Clients testimonials

"Don’t Just Take It From Us, Hear What Our Customers Say"

Working with Qucoon has been a game-changer for us. Their expertise in AWS managed services helped us optimize our infrastructure costswithout sacrificing performance. We can now scale more efficiently and focus ongrowing our business

Paul Bombo

Twiga Foods

I had the opportunity to work with Qucoon to improve Bankly's AWS infrastructure, and I was thoroughly impressed with their exceptional expertise and quality of service. They dedicated themselves tirelessly to optimizing our AWS environment for cost-effectiveness, performance, and security, from the very first consultation to the final implementation.

Valentine Ofili


I had a great experience working with Qucoon. Their AWS-certified team provided us with exceptional expertise and personalized solutions for our AWS environment. Qucoon advised us on how to redesign our deployment architecture to improve security, cost-effectiveness, and performance.

Yeni Oyedokun


Qucoon provided us with ongoing support, guidance, and best practices, enabling us to maximize the benefits of AWS and optimize our overall cloud infrastructure. I would highly recommend Qucoon due to their level of professionalism, technical knowledge, and commitment to delivering exceptional service to its clients.

Joy Rowland

Global InfoSwift

I highly recommend Qucoon Limited to a friend or colleague. They showed a deep understanding of our company's needs, provided tailored recommendations that were effective, and offered ongoing support and optimization services.

Erhovwosere Okoro

First Bank Nigeria

"Qucoon has a proven track record of helping clients with their AWS needs. One of the things that distinguishes Qucoon Limited from other AWS partners is their emphasis on providing personalized, customized solutions to meet each client's specific requirements. They take the time to learn about their clients' businesses and goals, and then collaborate with them to design an AWS infrastructure that meets their specific needs."

Amara Ndianefo


"I would highly recommend Qucoon Limited as an AWS partner to work with. They offer a comprehensive range of AWS services, including architecture design, migration, automation, optimization, as well as managed services and support for AWS environments.They guaranteed a smooth implementation process for Apvertise and provided ongoing support and guidance as needed."

Aliu Muibi - Hammed


"The certified AWS professionals at Qucoon Limited have extensive experience designing, implementing, and managing AWS environments. They promised Qoospayce high-quality services and AWS expertise, which they delivered."

Lota Okeke


"Qucoon's expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction makes them a strong choice to recommend to a friend or colleague in need of AWS cloud infrastructure services. Their personalised approach ensures that their clients get the most out of their AWS environments."

Blessing Adegboye

Rubies, Nigeria

"Qucoon's team was highly responsive to our needs, addressing any issues or concerns we had in a timely and effective manner. Their support throughout the process of implementing and using AWS services was excellent. They also provided innovative solutions to our architecture deployment, from initial planning and design to ongoing management and optimization."

Nkay Iweriebor


"Qucoon is an excellent partner to work with because of their AWS expertise, dedication, and commitment to customer satisfaction. They took the time to understand our business and goals before collaborating with us to proffer solutions, design and implement an AWS infrastructure that met our specific needs."

Amaka Nlemuzor


Our Industries

At Qucoon, we offer custom cloud solutions to a wide range of industries. Helping businesses attain a scalable, effective, and cost-optimized cloud environment


From financial institutions to fintech startups, our cloud solutions provide secure and scalable platforms for financial innovation. We help financial businesses achieve optimal efficiency and profitability, while also staying compliant with industry regulations. Our real-time insights and analytics, helps financial businesses make better, data-driven decisions.

Public Sector

We provide cloud solutions that enable public sector organizations to streamline their operations and deliver better services to citizens. Our cloud solutions help public sector organizations reduce costs, increase data security, and enhance collaboration between teams.


Our custom cloud solutions help tech companies stay ahead of the game, with scalable, secure, and flexible platforms for all types of applications. We provide cloud solutions that help tech businesses deliver cutting-edge services and products, from software development to AI and machine learning.


Our dynamic cloud solutions help educational institutions enhance the learning experience for students, with real-time collaboration and communication tools. Our solutions help educational institutions optimize their operations, reduce cost, and improve administrative tasks.