Smart Businesses in a Smart City

"Smart Businesses in a Smart City" is a groundbreaking event that delves into the intersection of technology, innovation, and urban development. Join us for an enlightening exploration of how businesses can thrive in the era of smart cities. Discover how cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships are shaping the future of commerce and urban living.

September 14th,2023
10:00am - 2:30pm
Villa Rosa Kempinski, Chiromo Rd, Nairobi, Kenya
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Opening Remarks & Introductions:
[10:00 – 10:30]
- Introduction:
* Business and government responsibilities in a fast-changing world: global trends, challenges.

Roundtable Discussion: [10:40 – 12:30]
- Business Case: AWS smart city and smart business solutions.

Lunch & Networking: [12:30  - 13:30]
- Break: lunch & network

Workshop: [13:45 – 14:15]
- My thoughts & concerns
* Questions and answers session.

Closing: [14:15 – 14:30]
- Summarize key insights from Business Case.
- Summarize the takeaways
- Next steps for the customers

Why Should You Attend?

  • Strategic Insights: Gain insights into leveraging smart city advancements for business growth.
  • Practical Solutions: Learn actionable strategies to implement in your business.
  • Innovation Showcases: Witness the latest technologies and solutions shaping the smart city landscape.
  • Future-Proofing: Understand trends to adapt and excel in evolving urban markets.
  • Inspiration: Be inspired by success stories and innovative approaches.
  • Focus: Innovation, Scalability & Agility

Who Can Attend

  • C-level executives and senior government officials
  • Business Leaders
  • Industry Experts
  • Financial Managers and Budget Analysts
  • Business Leaders and Decision Makers
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